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Naveed Abidi

“If you don’t solve your problems, the universe will solve them for you,” is how the story goes. Like so many others, Naveed discovered Bikram Yoga by “accident”, totally undermining the role of forces that help out when someone is truly seeking cosmic intervention.
So one class did it. De-stress or detox, whatever it was, the sleep has never been so nourishing and energizing and the outlook on life never been brighter.
Ever so grateful to the man who created this wonderful method of Yoga and his mission to teach real yoga to the western world, Naveed went on to meet Bikram in 2007 and got trained and certified to teach in Fall 2008.
Continuing on a mission of all yoga teachers, Naveed is now a full time Director, full time Teacher and a full time student of Bikram yoga at Bikram Yoga West Loop.
Naveed loves teaching here — in his own words ” West loop rules. The people, the taste, the calmness of whole area and coolness of people– we are so fortunate to be here and able to practice and provide such wonderful hot room in West Loop for people to practice their favorite yoga asanas.”

Elizabeth Birnkrant

Elizabeth has been practicing Bikram yoga since 2011 and teaching since 2013. She is originally from New York City, and has lived in Chicago since 1996 when she moved to attend The University of Chicago. Elizabeth is also an actor, and an instructor at Black Box Acting. She is endlessly grateful to Bikram yoga for giving her a means to develop greater focus, strength, and increased peace of mind – and for the opportunity to teach others this extraordinary practice.


Stephanie Carson

Stephanie has been practicing Bikram for many many years and have been teaching for over 6 years. She is awesome. Take her class and you’ll find out why!! ­čśë

James Davis

James began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2005 hoping to find a way to better manage his weight. What he found was a practice that not only improved his waistline but also helped manage chronic pain, increased his self confidence and overall determination, helped him manage stress, and always left him feeling better afterwards than when he started. After 11 years of enjoying both the physical and mental benefits of Bikram Yoga, James attended Bikram Teacher Training in Spring 2016 and is enthusiastic to begin his teaching career with Bikram Yoga West Loop so as to help others realize the potential of this tremendous practice.

Nikki Keltch

Nikki is fabulous. In her own words — “I have been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2005 and was certified to teach in 2007. I am grateful to this yoga practice that continues to surprise me and inspire me. Everytime, that I get the opportunity to teach, I meet someone new that may have be a veteran to the practice or someone new to the practice. And it never fails, that person is always so grateful for the yoga and surprised by what how good they feel immediately! It’s a gift to teach this yoga and just so somebody else might have a little bit of good health. Bikram yoga has lead me to other to sense of accomplishment and well being and made me feel I can do things that were once unattainable. I’m able to out run my kids sometimes, hike mountains, and still feel better than I did when I was in my twenties. I love teaching in the West Loop of Chicago. There is a quiet and chill vibe and a place I love to practice. I look forward to meeting you in the yoga room. Namaste, Nikki”

Grace Flannery

Grace’s love for Bikram Yoga keeps her on her toes and we are so happy that she is now here in Chicago on and of. ┬áShe found Bikram and fell in love with the everyday benefits it brought to her hectic life – no more! ┬áCertified in Bikram Teacher Training, she now teaches Bikram regularly between our Chicago studio and Nashville, Tennessee.



Blanca Solis 

Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher — Bio To Come

Justina Strumilaite - Bikram Yoga West LoopJustina Strumilaite

Justina possesses tremendous energy, excitement and passion for Yoga and Pilates. ┬áTrained in several disciplines related to health and fitness, Justina’s Hot Pilates class is an experience in its own right. ┬áTry and see for yourself.

Apart from teaching Pilates and practicing Bikram and Pilates, Justina is also an avid traveler, designer and animal lover.

When she is not teaching, traveling or raising the human conscience to the next level, she can be found tending to the care of her beloved kitty Brownie.

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